McLaren’s Wellness Center

Diane Session

This is a device for specialists in integrative and holistic medicine with a high degree of visualization. Allows you to:
• • Bioresonance NLS diagnostics of the human body up to 850 organs, tissues, cells, microstructures, reveals pathological processes in the body, hidden and chronic;
• • Identification of pathological processes at an early preclinical stage,
• • Normalizing endogenous energy-informational therapy;
• • Destructive antiviral and antimicrobial therapy that suppresses the vital activity of microorganisms up to ~130 pathogenic microorganisms;
• • Assessment of psychosomatic state;
• • VRT, Vegetotest for the selection of the most effective health products (drugs, dietary supplements) taking into account the individual characteristics of a person,
• • Assess the homeostasis of each organ separately and the body as a whole;
• • Visualization of the influence of pathological processes in the body on the aura;
• • And much more
The device is designed for professional use by specialists, implements a holistic approach in complementary medicine, has ample opportunities to identify pathological processes in the body, hidden and chronic, and also conducts a variety of health-improving energy-information effects.

What to expect: