McLaren’s Wellness Center


The practitioner activates broadband frequencies and lets them interact with you, raising your vibrational frequencies, manifesting a healing: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or financially, whatever is highest and best for you.

There is a healing power that transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination. By opening it, without preconceived agendas, we are able to restore balance and harmony in our lives facilitating good health.

We live in a world where we are bombarded by external messages about what we should do, who we should be, and how we should function. Given this acculturation, those seeking balance and harmony often end up running frantically from one doctrine to another, or one doctor to another in search of someone else’s answers. At The Reconnection (R), however, we acknowledge the inter-connectedness of every human being, and the humility of not knowing all the answers. From this place, we offer an alternative to drugs of all kind.

What to expect: